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The Object Zone is the consulting firm which is interested in solutions to the problems which trouble your business. B2B, B2C, what does it all mean? How can we capitalize on the assets we already have and capture new internet business? How can we tighten our procedures and make better use of employee's time by automating repetitive tasks? We can help!

Our professional consultants will sit down with you and determine your needs and provide you with a documented solution which will scale, integrate, and maximize use of today's advanced technologies while not locking you into a specific vendor. Our experts are skilled in open standards as well as proprietary technologies - We realize you can't always throw everything out and start over; we can help bridge the gap between your legacy systems and make them interoperate with today's advanced XML Web Services and other standard internet technologies across all vendors.

Our customers are interested in maximizing their investment in the technology that they have today, while envisioning what they want their company to do in the future, not just next week.

If you have a similar need, please contact us to set up an introductory meeting.

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